Structured Wiring

Anybody can pull a cable, but not everybody can do it right.

When your data, phone, and video wiring is doing it’s job you never even think about it, but it’s one of the most important parts of your voice, data, and video network. At B&B we will wire your home or business with the highest quality cabling and by following BICSI standards you will know that your wiring is up to code and providing you with the best service you can get.

Take a look at some of our structured wiring services


As buildings age the wiring used in their construction can degrade or become obsolete. When that happens just call B&B and we will install all new wiring to get your home or business up to date and working like new.

New Cabling

You can’t always predict where you will need cabling when your home or business is under construction so one day you will need a new connection. B&B will come out and install whatever low voltage connection you require.

Cabling/Com Room Cleanup

Over time as you add cabling your com room and wiring paths can become unorganized and confusing. This can be costly as it takes longer to determine where cabling is terminated or cables being damaged. Let B&B come in and get your wiring organized and maintainable.