Printer Repair & Sales

When you need to replace, repair, or upgrade your printer call B&B.

When your printers are too small, slow, or just break more than they work you should call B&B right away. We can find the right printer for your business and ensure it’s professionally installed and serviced throughout the life of the printer. Don’t let slow printers make your business slow when it’s so easy to give B&B a call.

Check out our printer services.

Printer Repair

Like any equipment in your business your printers will eventually stop working properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s constant jams, poor print quality, slow or incorrect printing, we at B&B can service your printer and make sure it’s working great.

Printer Sales

When it’s just cheaper to replace your outdated or broken printer call B&B to make sure you get the best printer that fits your needs. Even if you only small personal printers we can source and install exactly what you need.