Network Administration

Want an IT department without the overhead of hiring employees? Call B&B!

Today’s businesses require computers for almost everything and they’re becoming increasingly complex. If your company just isn’t large enough to justify hiring an IT team, B&B can fill that role. We will ensure your network is secure, stable, and maintainable. When network equipment fails or needs to upgraded we will install what you need when you need it. Running a business is hard enough without worrying about your network and computers.

Take a look at some of our network administration services

Full IT Administration

B&B communications can handle all of your IT requirements without having to hire full time employees. This allows you to reduce overhead costs of maintaining a complex computer, phone, and video network. We will ensure your network is secure and stable as well as keeping your computers running smoothly. We will also make sure that your phone system is programmed exactly how you need it as well as working properly. This allows you to focus on your business instead of your computers and phones.

Equipment & Infrastructure Maintenance

If you already have staff handling computer repair but they can’t maintain your infrastructure you need to call B&B. We will handle all new cables needed, install equipment, and maintain your infrastructure so you don’t have to. Many businesses already trust B&B to handle their needs and we would be happy to add your business that list.