Do you need to connect multiple buildings or communications rooms? Let B&B get your fiber connection installed.

Traditional copper connections have a fairly short effective range if you have a large building or campus. That’s when you need to start installing a fiber network. B&B Communications has been installing fiber connections for decades and there is no company better equipped to handle your needs. Contact us today to unify your network.

Take a look at some of our fiber services

Fiber Installation

B&B has been installing optical fiber for years. That means you will be receiving the best service possible in North Carolina. Optical fiber networks are the fastest available speeds and can cover very long distances. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need to ensure a seamless, unified communications network.

Fiber Repair

Like everything else your fiber infrastructure can run into problems and bring your business to a halt. When this happens make sure your only call is to B&B. We will diagnose the issue and repair the fault to ensure nothing stops your business.