Computer Repair & Sales

So many things can go wrong with you computer and we can fix it.

Have you ever been working and the computer suddenly stops responding? How about those popups that are always in your way? Or when you turn it on in the morning and it just doesn’t boot up. Then there’s the famous blue screen of death. It seems like there are thousands of ways that your personal or business computer can let you down but there’s no need to worry. When your computer fails you just give B&B a call and we can get you up and running quickly!

Take a look at some of our computer services

Computer Repair

When you have any computer issue make B&B your first call. We can speed up your system, clean up any virus or spyware you might have, repair or replace your hardware, and even fix damaged screens. No matter what your computer issue is B&B can get it running like new again.

Computer Sales

Eventually your computer will be outdated. When it’s time to replace that aging computer B&B will be happy to sell you a new, top of the line computer for your home or business. If you just need 1 new PC or 50 we can make sure you’re up to date with the latest technology.

System Maintenance

If you don’t want to wait until your systems break down we can offer you a full suite of preventive options. We will make sure that you have the best antivirus software, that your computers are backing up properly, and keep your systems upgraded to ensure your systems stay up.